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Intellectual Property (IP) Essentials for Businesses

Learn how IP law can be applied to support organisational objectives.
Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About this course

Welcome to Intellectual Property (IP) Essentials for Businesses.

This course is designed for participants who are/will be involved in supporting IP-related procedures, including registration, within their organisations in Singapore.

What you will learn

Specifically, this course aims to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to:

  • Recognise various types of IP in accordance with organisational activity
  • Analyse various types of IP in accordance with organisational procedures and requirements
  • Support IP-related organisational procedures in collaboration with appropriate IP experts
  • Apply IP knowledge in supporting implementation of procedures within their organisations for obtaining IP registration in Singapore

After completing this course, you should be:

  • Able to analyse various types of IP in accordance with organisational procedures
  • Able tosupport organisational procedures in collaboration with appropriate IP experts
  • Able to apply IP knowledge to support implementation of IP registration procedures in Singapore
  • Able to define intellectual property rights
  • Able to describe the various types of IP
  • Aware of the sources of information about IP
  • Aware of the registration procedures, if any, of various types of IP in Singapore


This course does not have any pre-requisites. We do, however, make certain assumptions about your learning abilities, which we describe as assumed knowledge and skills. Learners in this course are assumed to:

  • have analytical skills to identify applicable types of IP
  • have communication skills to articulate various types of IP
  • have information gathering skills to collate necessary data
  • have organisational skills to support implementation of registration procedures in a timely manner
  • have business ethics and integrity

Course Staff

Mr. Paul McClelland
Faculty, IP Academy, IPOS International

Mr Paul McClelland specialises in intellectual property law and commercial dispute resolution. Before joining IPOS International Pte Ltd, Paul was the sole corporate counsel for a well-known Singaporean brand, where he was responsible for a broad range of commercial matters, including worldwide trademark registrations and oppositions, management of external counsel, contract review, and training.

He has experience working in private practice for both Singapore and Scottish law firms. His practice focused on intellectual property and commercial arbitration.

He also taught commercial law, intellectual property and real estate law at a Scottish university.

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  • Course Provider: IPOS International
  • Subject: Intellectual Property
  • Language: English

Mr Jasvinder Singh

6331 6589


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